Linotype Film Was Fun

This past week over 200 folks attended a screening of Linotype; The Film in North Kansas City.  Produced by a young graphic artist who became fascinated with this legendary device, the film does a nice job of outlining the typesetting machine’s story, which transformed communications in the late 19th century.  The event which was co-sponsored by PIA MidAmerica was the brain-child of Martine Padilla and the folks at Callahan Creek Marketing Agency.

What made this program so unique was the mix of printers, suppliers, graphic designers, and letterpress shops – yes, they exist, but they don’t play in the commercial print world.  Half the audience was over 40 (ok, 50) and the other half was under 40 (30?).  For many in the audience, the Linotype had ceased to exist (early ‘80s) prior to entering grade school.  It was a great juxtaposition of folks involved with print as visual form of communications.  It was a great mixer and the film is DEFINITELY worth seeing.

It is being screened in Austin by the AIGA on Wednesday November, 28, 2012 and PIA MidAmerica’s staff is looking to find a slot in early 2013 to screen the film for the Dallas/Fort Worth Graphic Arts Community.


2 thoughts on “Linotype Film Was Fun

  1. Thankfully we have moved far away from the linotype. Today, printing is so much easier and more precise. Still, I can understand an attachment to the old ways. There is an artistry in getting stuff like that to work.

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