Lemonade Time

It’s 2305 on 11/6/12.  That means for the past 3o minutes, the news media has been announcing that President Obama has been re-elected.

Contrary to what many feel, the world will not end tomorrow; nor will it end next year.  This country will keep on going and despite what many feel, Mr. Obama is not going sell Michigan to the Chinese.  The beauty of our system is that Congress and the Supreme Court create checks and balances, which are not going to go away.

I’m more concerned that decisions made by BOTH parties will not help the country. We have a massive amount of debt to deal with and unless both sides are willing to give (yes, that means some increase in taxes AND serious cuts to entitlements), we’re not going to be any better.  It’s easy to see the darkside; so, I’m going to remain positive at this time. I see the lemons; let’s start making lemondade.


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