What Hath Benny Wrought?

I just finished reading a white paper on Benny Landa’s Nanography.  If you are in the printing business, it’s worth reading.  Whether or not Landa is able to make this commercially viable, is not the question.  Only time will provide the answer.  The read is worthwhile because we need to remain informed of trends in technology, management, and communication more than ever before.

Thus, I challenge anyone reading this to learn more.  What is social media doing to our existing way of communicating?  How is the USPS dilemma going to impact you?  Your customers?  Your competitors?  What is Lean Manufacturing and how can I utilize it? What are the skill sets my sales force really needs and how do I go implementing that training?  Where am I going to find the employees with the new skill sets needed as the industry morphs?  HOW am I going to train them.  How are mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) being utilized today AND in the future.

All this “stuff” can be daunting, and if we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed, it’s down right scary.  We must remind ourselves that there are opportunities, even if we don’t change our existing business model, but we need to continuously learn so we can strategize and find the right niches.  Hunkering down to wait until things settle out is no longer a good strategy.


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