Information — Today's Real Gold

For millennia man has been fascinated by gold.  Regardless of society or world location gold has played a key role as being a component in objects of wealth, tools of religion, or actual methods of transferring wealth (coins).  Yet, during those millennia a more important and underlying fascination has been occurring — it’s man’s search for knowledge/information.  Over the years, those who held the information or had the knowledge also had power.

In the past, knowledge was controlled by a few, which no longer holds true.  The ability to share information, or to find it, occurs in seconds.  No longer is it only available to the wealthy or “educated.”  Thus, in this past two decades we’ve seen information disseminated in manners never before envisioned.  But the question is how is this going to affect us?  Will we go the route of becoming tied to our smart phones/tablets so we can gossip and entertain ourselves with images of cats being cats, and thrill-seekers throwing themselves off cliffs?  Or do we use these new found abilities to help us and mankind accomplish feats never envisioned?


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