Getting The Word Out

We live in a world of sound bites and polarizing ideas, e.g. taxes, entitlements, and of course healthcare – all of which create complex opinions.  Sadly, most of us are not able to see the whole picture; thus, we live in the world of assumptions.  And that’s why it’s important for all employers to take a real good look at the upcoming health care regulations.  Because the healthcare issue has only been discussed in sound bites, very few people really understand the law’s effect on individuals and businesses.

Over the next six months it will be crucial for employers to communicate clearly to their employees what options the company will be facing and how it will be handled in regards to their health care coverage.  In some instances, companies may prefer to have their employees deal with the health insurance exchanges, while across the street the status quo of company provided insurance may be a better option.  Companies are now starting to weigh the pros and cons of these choices – but there are still too many unanswered questions due to delayed rule writing.  Yet, now is the perfect time to start informing employees of what may happen.  Remember, folks have been living on sound bites for the past several years – and the vast majority of individuals REALLY don’t understand the far reaching affects Obamacare will have on health care – and its cost to both companies and individuals.

PIA MidAmerica and Printing Industries of America will continue to update our membership on this crucial issue, but don’t hesitate to contact your insurance broker and carrier.  Waiting until your renewal date could provide ugly surprises.  Although it is written to target individuals, rather than companies, check out this site and share it with your company’s employees.  They don’t need surprises either.


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