Thoughts From The Edge

As we approach the New Year and crawl towards the Fiscal Cliff, I want to share this quote from Clive Crook writing for Bloomberg’s  “Businessweek.”  It’s  a good synopsis.

“The White House talks as though adequate public provision, including an enlarged commitment to publicly supported health insurance, can be financed by a sliver of taxpayers at the top; everybody else gets something for nothing.”  I think this summarizes the Administration’s position nicely, but he goes on to clarify the Republican’s position, “Republicans offer a similar deal.  Taxes can be driven lower by deep spending cuts (details to come) which the country would hardly notice.”  In the article titled, “The Year of Living Provincially,” Crook does a nice job of putting everything in perspective.

I think Congress won’t be able to come to an agreement over the next four days – and we go over the Cliff.  Although it probably won’t be a hard impact landing, the landing will hopefully wake some folks up and get them to make some sort of deal by March.  I’m afraid it’s going to be a “kick the can down the road” decision, and that’s not a good solution for us, or our children.


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