Print – It's Time To Get Loud!

For centuries print has been a key form of communications (take that Google!), but with today’s digital technologies and the ability to instantly communicate using words and images, print as a form of communication is being relegated to the back of the bus.  So, we better start getting loud, if we want to be heard!

The recent “Go Paperless in 2013” initiative, which is spearheaded by Google and other electronic agents such as ConstantContact, is one of those efforts that can be damaging to our industry, but self-serving to theirs.  Every time a message is sent that the use of paper is bad — who bears the brunt of that message?  Yes, the print community — from paper mills to paper recyclers and everyone in between (designers, printers, binders, mailers, suppliers, equipment manufacturers and yes, the USPS).

This past week Printing Industries of America’s Michael Makin went loud on this initiative.  He challenged Google’s CEO Larry Page and Chairman Eric Schmidt to the validity of the campaign. Yet, I assure you if it was only Mike voicing his concern — no one is going to listen.  There needs to be a choir of voices shouting!

If you make a living in this industry, it’s important that every time one of us gets a chance, we need to remind our customers, friends, acquaintances and fellow employees, that print does have value — and plays a critical role in communication.  It can not just be the industry leaders.

I’d like to thank the PIA MidAmerica members in Dallas/Fort Worth who recently went loud with me on a similar issue.  For the past two years, the DFW Business Journal has not included our industry in it’s annual Book of Lists.  For decades, printers were part of that publication, which is distributed throughout the Metroplex’s business community.  So, what message does that send when our industry is not even listed?

It’s Time to Get Loud!


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