Are You Surprised?

In reading and hearing the commentary from various angles (NPR, WSJ, CNN, etc.), the President’s Inaugural speech was a.) visionary or b.) combative.  Are you surprised?  We all want to hear what we want to hear and in this case, I really didn’t expect the leopard to change his spots.  The President has a far-reaching agenda which is left of center for many of us and he feels that more than half of this nation agrees with him.  So, where’s the surprise?

We can sit and argue until the cows come home (or they go over the cliff), but for the next two years, and possibly four, many of us are not going to be very happy with the direction of our country’s economic or social platform.  Let’s not waste our time belaboring the obvious and arguing over the inane (Obama’s not a citizen).  Let’s agree that we need to become informed about real issues and ensure that our friends, family and acquaintances also understand our position.  They may not agree, but hopefully they will give some consideration to those positions — as we give consideration to theirs.  And that’s what’s missing in all the political trash-talking.  Are you surprised?


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