Here We Are Again

I was just re-reading some of my posts over the past month or two — gotta make sure I don’t repeat myself — and discovered that we are back on the edge again.  On December 27, I wrote that I expected us to go over the Cliff and that Congress would hopefully get it right by March.  Well, here we are and it should be  no surprise to many of us that the stalemate which started last summer continues.  Neither side is willing to say that the other side has valid points and that the right decision WILL be painful for everyone. Yet, how painful will the results of sequestration be?

As was mentioned on ABC’s  “This Week” this past Sunday, the “slow-down” will affect some areas more adversely than others.  Fort Worth  with its major defense contractors may be affected more than it’s neighbor Dallas, 32 miles away.  And of course there’s all the rhetoric.  Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was recently quoted talking about the long waits already occurring because of sequestration.  Yet, today’s Wall Street Journal ran an article supporting the fact that long waits were not occurring — or not yet.  Regardless, there may be something good that comes out of this mess.

All of us need to realize how much “big” government affects us.  Yes, there are many things we may dislike, but there’s also a lot of benefits Uncle Sam provides.  So, let sequestration run for a while and maybe it won’t be as bad as the politicos are telling us — or maybe it will be.


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