Social Media – What’s Wrong With It

Nothing is wrong with it.  What?  You expected a different answer?

Well it is different, and that’s what throws many of us for a loop.  Here are some of the laments we hear:  It’s not face-to-face communications and not as effective.  Yes, but how would you get your personal message out instantly to tens, hundreds, if not more?  It’s really only for the young.  If that’s the case, no one over 40 would be using it.  It’s going to break down the way we communicate and hurt society. OK, I do tend to agree with this, but every generation does it different from the one before.  Let’s face it, most of us are uncomfortable with change.

The biggest challenge we all have – regardless of when we were born – is that the changes in communication are occurring at a pace never seen before.  Ten years ago very few of us could envision how ubiquitous the use of texting and smart phones would become, and we’re just starting to see the “tablet” revolution.  What’s it going be like in 2020 when everyone is wearing Google Glasses?

So, before we all mimic Peter Finch’s character in “Network” and “not going to take it anymore,” let’s keep in mind that social media is just another channel of communication.  It will have its success and its failures.  And don’t expect it to be static.  As we are already seeing, sites such as Facebook are becoming passé to the under 18 crowd as they explore other methods and styles of communicating.  And who knows, the typewriter, dial phone and VHS just might make a comeback.


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