The Ugly Truth

There’s a fire storm in Chicago as Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the proposed closing of 54 schools.  Per the Wall Street Journal, Karen Lewis, the head of the Chicago Teachers Union, said Mr. Emanuel is sending the district into “utter chaos,” and that closings are unnecessary, won’t save money and would expose students to academic and safety concerns. The “school-closing policies put our students at real, not imagined, risk,” she said.  Yet, Mr. Emanuel and his team are saying the closings would save the district $560 million over 10 years in capital costs and $43 million annually in operating costs.

So who’s right?

The ugly truth is that both are right – but when we start talking about education of children, especially inner-city children, it gets very emotional.  Yes, it behooves society to support educational efforts for the long-term betterment of society.  Yet, the uglier truth is how do we pay for it?  And I’m not going down that rabbit hole – but just think sequestration, or federal budget.  You get the idea.

And this morning the media woke up and declared that insurance carriers are privately telling brokers that rates could possibly double for small businesses and individuals in 2014.

Are we having fun yet?


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