R U Relevant?

Here’s the question you must ask yourself — Is your company relevant to your customer?  What does your firm offer that your customer can not do without?

Think about this.  You are out searching for a new car, and you visit 5 dealers.  Each car has a motor, a warranty, four wheels and they all look alike.  Even the colors are the same — black.  How will you select dealer A over B?  If all the cars look the same — and there is no real differentiation, what’ s left?  Normally it’s price.  That’s fine if you’re selling cars — but if you’re in the printing business it’s different.  Or is it?

There used to be the triangle adage in the industry.  You had service, price, and quality, but you could only provide two sides of the triangle if you were going to be a profitable printer, and that’s how you would differentiate yourself.  Although there’s still some truth to this equation, reality is that buyers expect all three — and in many cases printers do provide all three.  So, we’re back to question asked in paragraph #1.  What differentiates your firm from the guy around the corner, on the internet, or the guy across the sea?  Can your sales team articulate the difference?  Does your customer care?


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