Hometown Gets Chastised For Printing

I live in the City of Plano, Texas and we made the local TV news last Wednesday over how print was used by the city.  It all started after 100,000 brochures were printed and mailed to citizens about an upcoming $90 Million bond election.  Critics were upset about the money which was spent.   “It’s 2013. I think everything should be electronic,” said Kenneth Carlson, a Plano taxpayer. “If you want to get the publication, there should be an e-mail signup on the city’s website.”

Herein lies one of our industry’s challenges — do we get an opportunity to get in front of tens of thousands of TV viewers and talk about the Power of Print?  That one of the most effective ways to drive individuals to your website is print?  Fortunately, some of the city officials understand the Power of Print.  “To inform the citizens of a $98 million bond package, and you’re only spending $30,000? To us, that’s a good investment,” said Plano’s budget director Karen Rhodes-Whitley.

Needless to say, I will be voicing my opinion with the City of Plano and with Steve Stoler who wrote and edited the story.  We constantly need to be reminding EVERYONE about the value of print.  As B.J. Irvin with the PIA MidAmerica staff states, “What would happen if everyone woke up tomorrow and print was not around.  Your prescription drug bottle wouldn’t have a label.  Your box of cereal would be just a box, and how would you use your TV remote?”

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