Fear and Anger

Boston, MA and West, TX are now linked because of the occurrences of this past week.  One the birthplace of the American Revolution and a city with a sea-based culture.  The other a rural town in the rolling plains of north-central Texas which is regionally known for its rich Czechoslovakian culture.  One a city of millions which was literally terrorized by two young individuals who saw no future in their lives.  The other city nearly destroyed because of  what was more than likely an industrial accident and a victim of its need to grow and provide for its citizens.

Our society is now in the intense stages of “How did this happen? and Why?”  Fueled by our ability to communicate 24/7 instantly across all time zones, we need to be wary of the resulting feelings of fear and anger from these two incidents.

We can not afford to be fearful of potential terrorist activities and possible accidents of technology.  We should not turn our anger against other individuals and begin demanding laws/regulations/retribution that can impinge on our civil liberties.  All we have to do is look at the knee jerk reaction America had during WWII and how it affected our Japanese-American citizens, or the temperance movement and the resulting years of Prohibition.

Yes, we need to determine why these incidents occur, but let us understand that on these issues or any future ones (and yes, there will be future ones), we have no room for anger or fear in our decisions.  So, as my counselor wife says to her clients when they’re frantic — “Stop and take a deep breath.  Relax.  Step back emotionally and then think through your decision and its ramifications.”


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