Immigration Reform

A recent study really rattled some cages in Washington.  The study found that allowing our illegal immigrants a path to citizenship would create a fiscal burden.  The premise being since so many of our illegal immigrants are low wage earners, they would use government subsidies at a rate much higher than what revenue they would generate in taxes.  An interesting finding and a rational concern, which in turn has many staunch conservatives saying that immigration reform is not something to be dealt with at this time.  What a bunch of hooie!

Yes, this is an issue — but it really says a lot more to the financial imbalance of social entitlements and taxation in this country (ooo, did I say that out loud?)  Is the solution ignoring 10+ million individuals?  The longer we ignore this situation the higher the likelihood that we create a permanent caste system.  Are these folks going to be the infamous “unwashed” of North America? The land of immigration and opportunity?

Let’s get our big boy pants on and accept that the underpinnings of our country is immigration.  The argument that they broke the law and should be punished is lame.  Employers  — you and me — who hired them broke the law and created a LARGE back door to permit cheap labor to enter this country.  So, let’s take the moral high ground and accept that the majority of these individuals, no people, are not going anywhere.  Their children are growing up as Americans and will help our country re-vitalize itself itself into the future.  Let’s tell our representatives in Washington to be leaders and deal with this in a moral and positive manner.

I do agree that our illegal immigrants shouldn’t be granted instant citizenship — but it shouldn’t take 13 years.  Should we ignore our porous borders?  NO, but building fences is not the way to handle this — it needs to be done by establishing a variety of workplace programs similar to the “bracero” program of the sixties; the enforcement of existing laws — which means solid ID checks — and penalties for employers who ignore these laws.  The sooner we get these folks out from the shadows the better it is for us as a country — and help remind everyone that we live in the land of opportunity.


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