What Do You Think Of . . .

The Washington Post.  No, I’m not talking about its editorials which are not tolerated by many Texans.  I’m talking about its acquisition by Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos.  Bezos is an avid news hound – but tends to like it delivered electronically.  Yet, this marriage (of desperation?) could be the start of a new model of blended delivery.

Johnny Football.  I’m still old school when it comes to athletes.  Today’s athletes are too often spoiled emotionally, and when you add to that equation, everyone fawning over them, the result is an individual who will not be someone you’d like to have as a friend.  Think Mr. Orenthal James Simpson.  On a football note, one season does not make a football player, and the NCAA really needs to rethink its definition of amateur athletes.

George W.  Wow, 43 just had a stint put in yesterday.  Here’s a guy who seemed to eat right and exercised regularly, but still had a heart problem.  So before you start thinking about hanging up your jogging shoes and taking a permanent position in front of the boob tube, consider where 43 might be if he hadn’t been exercising.

Patent Trolls.  Nasty blood-sucking bottom feeders.  They wear the robes of the law to supposedly protect the little guy while using the broken patent system to extort money from hundreds of firms.  A group of printers in North Texas just recently said – “Come and Take It!” and with the support of PIA’s R&D folks may just give the Trolls a taste of Billy Bob Gruff’s horn.


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