It’s Friday

It’s Friday, October 18th and our country made it!  No default.  No crashing markets. But we still have sequestration and Obamacare to deal with, AND we get to do it all over again in January!

It’s Friday and the Dodgers are still in the hunt!  The best pitcher in baseball is throwing for the L.A. team, but they’re facing those pesky Red Birds for a win or go home game.

It’s Friday and Nolan Ryan is leaving the Texas Ranger organization at the end of the month.  Sad day in Texas, but many of us knew his days were numbered.

It’s Friday and I’m hearing positive vibes from many in the print industry.  Things aren’t where we’d like to see them – but a lot better than earlier in the year.

It’s Friday and the ‘Boys are playing the Beagles in Philly on Sunday.  ‘nuff said.


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