91 – 0

I find that living in the football-crazy State of Texas, there’s always interesting stories during football season.   Sometimes my response is  – “they did what?”  Case in point is the recent drubbing Fort Worth Western Hills took at the hands of Aledo High School – 91-0 was the final score.  OK, that’s not a good story for the Western Hills team, but here’s the twist.  One of the parents filed a bullying report with the school district against the Aledo coach.

This was not a case of Aledo’s coach keeping his foot on the throttle.  He put the ball on the ground when the score was getting out of hand and benched his top players.  Even the opposing coach said that there was nothing wrong.  Give me a break!

Many of us who have played sports have been on both sides of that equation.  I think most of us learned that we don’t give up when things have gotten tough – or embarrassing.  We dust ourselves off – and then find a way to avoid that situation from happening again.  Work harder.  Work different.  Maybe were not cut out to play that game – that’s an OK solution as well.

But what kind of signal are we sending our children, when we say – Oh, we can’t let you fail.  It’s not good for your psyche.  Johnny may be emotionally scarred from getting an F or losing a football game.  So, we need big brother to step in.  Do we always need to provide a safety net (or someone else does)?  Sorry, that dawg don’t hunt as far as I’m concerned.


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