It’s been 95 years since a World Series has been closed out at Fenway Park.  Woodrow Wilson was the president of the U.S.  We were in the middle of the “War to end all wars,” which was the way WWI was described.  There were only 48 states.  The War Between the States was recent history.  Henry Ford was just starting to change the world of manufacturing, and print was still being produced as it had been for centuries – metal type transferring an image to paper.

Yet, Octobers continue to come and go, but for the baseball fan, things haven’t changed. It’s still about watching an Adam Wainwright trying to figure a way to keep David “Big Pappi” Ortiz from getting on base. That’s baseball.

Now, no offense to my buddy Jim Tepper in Boston, but I’d like to see the Sox lose the next game and then see a game seven on  Halloween night.  Although the curse of the Bambino was lifted several years ago, it would be complete closure if the Sox won Game 7 on Thursday evening. No more ghosts.

One more thing.  I hope that everyone is noticing the commercial which has been running during the playoffs.  It seems that the Blue Pill does wonders for folks in the printing industry.  Now if the folks watching those commercials would buy more print along with their Blue Pills, we’d all be happier.


One thought on “95

  1. I am torn with this series. I have a few really close friends from St. Louis and I want to support them but at the same time if the Sox win at Fenway that would be a great break of the streak.

    As for the commercial, I have been wanting to bug Andy, Norm and you about that. But, that is for another time… *grin*

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