Yes, the chickens are coming home to roost.

President Obama has capitulated on one aspect of the Affordable Health Care Act — the phrase “you can keep your insurance if you want” is coming back to haunt the administration.  To me this is a bigger story than the website —- that’s just poorly executed technology.  It’s the underlying assumptions which have been made to “supposedly” cover the under and un-insured.  Those involved with writing the act did not understand market forces and what type of decisions people will make when the mandates started kicking in.  I’ll paraphrase Pelosi again – “Let’s pass it and then we’ll see what we have.”

And the Chickens are roosting in Dallas.  Jerry is looking at another .500 season as the Cowboys continue to flounder.  Blame injuries, blame coaching, blame offensive/defensive schemes, but the decisions made by the team’s GM are coming home to roost (or maybe they never left). 


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