It’s a clear beautiful day flying over Oklahoma headed to Missouri.  CAVU in pilot’s lingo — Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited.  And I’m feeling that way about our industry.

I’ve been talking to quite a few of our members and as a whole they’re busy — some are very busy and setting records for monthly sales.  As we all know print is not dead — it just moved somewhere else (Who Moved My Cheese?) and these folks didn’t stop looking.  It meant making rational business decisions rather than staying on the track of doing whatever had got them there in the first place.

The most important word of “advice” I would give is that they need to keep an eye on that cheese because in five years there’s a high probability it won’t be there.  Print technologies continue to shift (ink jet; integrated workflow; wide format, etc.); mobile digital technology (glasses, watches, phones, etc.) will continue to change the advertising landscape; and the industry will continue to consolidate and morph (CGX and RRD).  But what I think will make many of these “printers” successful is that they’ll understand that their business is about providing their customers with a visual communications solution — and it will probably involve print.


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