The Mobile World

In the technology world, everyone is talking about Big Data and how it and mobile have the potential to change the world of communication.  It’s a given that we’ll be able to connect at anytime, anywhere, but the marketers are drooling over the potential to sell product.   Walk by a store and your mobile device (glasses, watch, implant, or for the elderly, a phone) will notify you about a specific product of interest which is available or on sale.  It has the technologist a buzz.

Concurrent with all of this buzz, we have another set of messages assailing us.  The NSA fiasco along with troubles with security theft at Target, Neiman-Marcus, and per the FBI, a possible 20 other similar attacks on major retailers, point to the dark side of this technology.  To me the BIG question which needs to be answered – will people embrace this world of communications, or will they hunker down and refuse to play.

I think that the genie has been let out of the bottle, and we’re not going to go back to the world of paper checks and newspapers, but it does cast a light on a variety of major hurdles marketers must consider prior to jumping on the “everything mobile” bandwagon.  If you are in the world of visual communications (yes, that includes print), you need to read “Mining For Mobile Data” in the latest issue of “Marketing Insights” published by the American Marketing Association.  Written by Joan Mancuso and Karen Stuth, it explores the concerns about data privacy and research being conducted – and how perceptions of privacy can shape/should shape marketing decisions.  It well worth reading — and exploring the questions raised with your internal team and clients.


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