SXSW – Revisited

I’ve written about South By Southwest before — and I continue to be amazed at its drawing power.  This little music venue which started 27 years ago has become a world wide phenomena.  More interestingly is it’s drawing power.  Over the years this is the place where new music groups came to be introduced; social media software stepped to the forefront, and this year, I think, it’s gone to a new level.

This “little” festival is very quickly becoming a place to be seen — and heard.  And it’s a very eclectic – and one may say – influential group who are voicing their opinions. Let’s mention a few of the speakers: Chelsea Clinton, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Julian Assange, Google’s Eric Schmidt, Seth Rogen, Seth Meyers, Anne Wojcicki, Lada Gaga, and Eric Snowden. Regardless of what you may think of these folks, it says a lot about the organizers and who’s attending. 

One has to remember the folks attending are part of the “electron” crowd who are influencing – and will continue to influence our world of business and communications over the next several decades.   If you don’t believe events can influence society and the world of politics, let me provide two phrases — Woodstock and Democratic Convention 1968.


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