Expand Your Horizons

Several weeks ago, Dr. Joe Webb was in town and painted a picture of continuing change for the commercial printing industry.  Dr. Joe and all of the industry economists are in agreement that the industry will be a shadow of itself as we end this decade (Webb predicts a 30% decline in the general commercial printing sector over the next 6 years).  Yet, Webb sees opportunity for companies/owners who look beyond being just a print producer.

And there’s a printer in Vegas (definitely a creative place) who is taking Joe’s words to heart – and is really thinking out of the box.  “The printing industry is not growing. It’s not a growing business,” said Kathy Gillespie, owner of A&B Printing in Las Vegas.  What’s her solution?  Now that Clark County has approved a medical marijuana ordinance, Gillespie hopes to get out of the printing business and focus her attention on medical marijuana.  She said her Las Vegas-based printing business could be converted into a dispensary.   Far out dude!

Here’s the story as reported by KVVU-TV- Fox 5 news in Vegas.


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