Baseball in Australia?

The grass is just starting to green up in North Texas and trees are beginning to blossom – and I’m coughing and my nose is running.  And that must mean that opening day is just around the corner.  Well, not really.  It already opened – in Australia.

Australia?  Yup, MLB is trying to attract a broader audience and last week the L.A. Dodgers and Arizona Diamondback played the season opener in Sydney’s Cricket Grounds.  It was the first time a “real” game was played in Australia.  Although the Grounds did host an exhibition game between the White Sox and the Giants — in 1914!

As a ex-pat Dodger fan, I was following the event, and then I discovered that one of my cousins had attended the game and wrote an article which was posted on SB Nation.  He did a nice job of sharing his adventure and his love of baseball.  It’s good reading.

Oh, and it’s only six more days until the Rangers open against the Phillies – that’s if the Rangers have any healthy ballplayers left!


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