Summer Doldrums

I realized it has been a while since I’ve posted — that’s good in that it means there’s not a lot going on in the world of print which I find discussion worthy.  But per the blogosphere, that’s not good since frequent posting is preferred.  Personally, I like to post when I find something worthwhile — and I’m drawing blanks.

I could talk/rant about the Republican Party’s platform in Texas, but that would just tick off my conservative friends and remind my liberal friends that I belong to “that” party.

I could talk basketball and remind folks that everyone said that LeBron and company were going to be a DYNASTY, but over the past four years it’s been Texas 2 and Miami 2.

Don’t want to talk about baseball — Rangers look like a minor league team right now due to injuries and Yu just got trashed last night by the A’s.

No need to discuss the mess in the Middle East.  That problem has been brewing for 1,000 years.  Sad but true.

Is Hillary going to run?  Nah, ain’t going there either.

So, let me talk about a few good things I’ve seen over the past month or so.

It was nice to see many of our industry leaders at the recent Print Leadership Summit which was held in Dallas.  Good attendance (but could always be better!) and overall very good workshops and speakers.  Everyone agreed it will be well worth doing again in 2015.  Location — TBD.

I’m excited to see the interest many of our businesses are showing in Lean Enterprise.  Many in our industry are realizing that they are manufacturers (who also provide services), and they need to find ways to reduce waste (labor, time and materials) to be competitive in our changing world of visual communications.

And it’s finally summer!  Yes, it’s Texas.  Yes, it’s already 90 degrees plus.  But it beats having six-seven months of cold dreary weather.  I think I’ll step outside and enjoy the sun for a while.



One thought on “Summer Doldrums

  1. Joe, step out and enjoy the sun, just don’t stay out too long. I thought I’d pipe in and say ‘hello’.

    We (family) went to see your Rangers last night who stumbled against the Angels. They are not the Rangers of the past few years but, I wore blue and cheered for Texas in a big sea of red. I was hoping for a ‘W’ – I thought of you.

    At 11pm tonight, I loaded the pit with about 100 pounds of Angus Brisket for a graduation party tomorrow. I thought of you.

    I’ll check in again soon, as I have not been doing so!

    Take care,

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