It’s More Than Print

If you are not familiar with the largest marketing execution firm in the U.S. (they used to be the largest print management firm in the U.S.), you need to be.  InnerWorkings employs over 1,500 employees, and has 67 offices in 30 countries.  Last year they reported over $890 Million in sales and have been in business since 2001 – and are publicly held.

They recently made an announcement that they will “direct and manage the production of non-newsprint products including inserts, direct mail and select marketing materials purchased by Newsday and its advertisers.”  So as you can see they’re much, much, more than a Super Broker.

So, my first question is, if they are able to make this work for them, why aren’t more printing companies adopting a similar model? My second question is, what are you going to do to stop them from “directing and managing the production” of your customer’s work?


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