U.N.’s Climate Summit

I have been reading about the recent U.N. Climate Summit with a jaundiced eye.  Was it going to be full of wild-eyed radical environmentalist who are willing to “save” the world at any cost, or believers that sustainability is going to take a lot of hard work AND compromise.  It seems to have been “all-the-above” plus major corporations like Wal-Mart and McDonald’s atending.   I will not, nor should anyone deny that globally we’re facing a changing environment and that industrialization has not helped.  I don’t deny that CO2 has an effect, the science is too strong, but it’s not just CO2 which is the culprit.  As scientist and environmentalists are discovering — it’s much more complicated.  It’s third-world growth vs. first-world wealth; it’s climatic cycles we don’t fully understand; haves vs have nots – who wanna-be’s; and a world that may not be able to sustain 7 billion people on the planet predicted to grow to 8 billion in 2024.

Let me focus on something a bit closer to home.

At this U.N. Summit, Wal-Mart and McDonald’s were two of the major signees to the “New York Declaration of Forests” which signals the vital role that forest (sustaining them) play in climate change.  I’m a bit concerned that this will bring another round of “save the trees – don’t print” reaction from many.  Now, is the time to make sure that we send messages to decision makers that paper production and print are SUSTAINABLE!  We need to clearly message that trees are being grown and protected to produce a crop called paper, and we are not indiscriminately cutting forests to produce it.  We also have to remind many of these decision makers that print is still positioned  as an outstanding communication vehicle and is as effective as always.

Spread the word “Print Grows Trees.”


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