Read This Book!

First a disclaimer.  I’m an abashed Joe Webb fan.  Yes, some people seem him as a guy looking through dark and gloomy glasses, but Joe tells it like he sees it.  And over the past several years, he’s been more right than wrong.

If you are involved with sales in our industry (and who isn’t in some form or fashion), a must read is Webb’s most recent book which he co-wrote with Richard Romano.  The book is titled “This Point Forward,” and was just released last month.  If you don’t want to sink into a downer (or get your eyes opened), speed read (but don’t ignore) the first 58 pages.  Joe is in economist mode.  The heart of the book is Romano and Webb’s insights into the world of marketing and communications and what it portends long-term for our industry.

As the Joe and Richard state, we cannot wait for things to go back as they were.  The individuals making decisions about marketing budgets are digital natives and have never known anything but computer screens and mobile smart devices.  The insights which the authors provide us are from a perspective of individuals who understand our industry – but also see what the future portends.  As the book states several times, we cannot make decisions based on looking in the rear-view mirror, we have to be looking down the road.

So, get a copy of the book and study it.  It’s an easy read and keep in mind what Tom Saggiomo, CEO for the DG3 Group, says regarding the book, “Webb and Romano offer a compelling case for sound strategy development and a roadmap for implementation. Ignore this work at your own peril.”


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