Industry Trolls

It’s been awful quiet on the “CTP Patent Troll” front.  CTP is the firm which was pursuing license fees from approximately 30 firms in the industry saying they are violating patents on computer to plate technology.  The reason for things being quiet is the review that is being conducted by the U.S. Patent Office (USPO) based on a request from various industry manufacturers.  The manufacturers are trying to show USPO that the technology was already in place and a patent should not have been issued. And let’s hope that the USPO decides in the favor of the manufacturers.

Regardless, of the findings I truly rail at this type of bottom feeding behavior.  It’s a business at any cost mentality which hurts small business and the individuals trying to earn a living from their chosen profession.

And there’s the other issue.  This patent was developed initially by a printing company which then put it on the shelf.  That company is merged into another very large printing company, which sells the patents to a third party — or did they?  There are still many who think that the third party is just a conduit for the very large printing company to find a way to “punish” the thousands of smaller firms who “compete” with it.  Now there are court documents indicating that this company has the potential to financially gain from the actions of the Troll.  And I thought that trolls were the lowest form of life in our business world.


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