Now What?

OK you political junkies, the Republicans have taken “control” of the Senate.  What does that mean?  The end of the world?  The creation of a brave new one?  Well, how about more of the same?

Although I hope there’s some movement on the nation’s crucial issues – tax reform and immigration reform to mention two important ones – there’s still politics.  Mr. Obama will probably want to make a stab of maintaining his agenda and make the Republicans look like a bunch of “say no” politicians.  The GOP is going to make sure the President (and his party) are the wrong choice in 2016.  Sad to say, that’s what I’m afraid we’re going to get.  Yet, there’s enough of a Pollyanna in me to hope for better. Who knows stranger things have happened – didn’t we just see the Royals in the World Series?


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