Sales Is The Answer

Ask any successful business person what is the most important thing about their business and the answer will revolve around sales.  If you’re not selling something people want, the odds of success are dismal.

Sad to say that’s the dilemma many in the printing industry are discovering.  After hundreds of years of customers needing/wanting print, they have discovered other options – and print doesn’t have the same sizzle, or in some cases, it’s not as effective as new media.

Yet, many folks in our industry haven’t got that message.  They’re still out there trying to find the next print order rather than trying to determine what does the customer need and how can we deliver it.

Over the past few weeks, I have had several conversations with company owners – and their number one issue?  Finding ways to recruit sales representatives who think beyond print. More and more owners are discovering that very few of their “seasoned” sales reps are looking beyond the traditional rice bowl for their next meal. That style of selling does not portend well if firms wish to expand beyond the traditional sources of success.  As one owner said, “I’m a businessman and a printer, not just a printer. Thus, I’m going to find ways to expand my offerings and if it doesn’t involve print – that’s OK.”  Wow.  Heresy. Or is it?


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