Back To School

Over the years I have taught numerous seminars and classes, but recently I had a “first-time” experience.  I taught a class to college students.  I really didn’t know what to expect since the topic I was covering was pretty dry —- costing and pricing in our industry.  Were they going to fall asleep? Text to all their friends?  Play Candy Crush?  Fortunately (for me) the students had been well prepared by their instructor Dr. Jerry Waite (University of Houston) and were very engaged and asked some great questions.

There were over 60 students in the class – all seniors at the University of Houston’s Digital Media department.  Nearly all of them have an interest in being a part of our ever-expanding visual communications industry, and about 1/3 wish to pursue a career path in good old print.  If ever there was a time for our industry to inject young and interested talent — it’s right now.

If your company has made a commitment to play in this new world of print, consider hiring a management trainee from a college which has a program focused on our industry.  It could be University of Houston; or Pittsburg State; or University of Central Missouri; or College of the Ozarks. Like many of us coming out of college, they may not have all the tools we’d like to see, but they have a real interest in the industry and could do very well when given the right kind of support and guidance.


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