Happy New Year

Wow.  Another year has come and gone. It’s interesting, as many observe, the older we get the quicker the years pass by us.  Yet, there’s a lot to be said for looking forward to a new beginning as we did when we were children. Not a bad thing to keep in mind as we go into another “interesting” New Year.

What make it “interesting?”  There’s continued turmoil in the Middle East (when hasn’t there been?).  Our economy is doing well, yet there’s concern that Europe and Asia will cause a slow down since they’re not buying our products at the same levels.  The price of oil is down — but that’s a two edged sword, but I think most of us like sub $2.00 gasoline.  We continue to argue about “affordable” health care and the inequality of wages.  Ah, and the Republicans are taking over Congress — is that good news or bad news?

So, let’s let our inner child out and ignore all the bad and look for the good stuff — it is out there.  In comparison to previous generations — and much of the world — we live in a nation of wealth.  Housing is affordable, as is food.  We have the freedom to express our opinions in many different forms.  We can worship (or not) our Creator in all his/her wonderful aspects.  Education is affordable and available to anyone.  And I’m of the firm opinion, that you can be whomever you want to be.  Is it easier for some? Sure, but there are no laws stating that certain groups can NOT fulfill their desires.

So, let the inner child out and let’s get past all the dung in the horse stall — because if we look hard enough, we will find the pony.


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