Parting Shots From USPS Postmaster

It’s fascinating to see what people will say once they are no longer the point person in an organization.  Some will take the politically correct path, while others will voice what they wouldn’t have said prior to their leaving.  Case in point is Postmaster General (former) Pat Donahoe.  Check this article out from the Washington Post.

Mr. Donahoe has it right.  There are myopic forces at work – both labor and mailers.  And of course, we can’t forget Congress.  The article is good reading and Donahoe provides insights from a person who was trying to make the right changes.

The real question — and this is true of any major government service or organization — how can we modify it without upsetting a significant stakeholder(s).  So, does anyone have the guts to make long-term decisions and deal with significant short-term pain?  If you’re an observer, you’re saying yes, let’s make the right decision.  If you are the individual/stakeholder whose career will go down in flames or business will significantly be affected, you probably have a totally different perspective.  It’s the breakfast analogy.  The chicken is a participant/observer (eggs), but the hog (sausage/bacon) is committed/stakeholder.

So, what should be done with the USPS?   And are you a chicken, or are you a hog?



One thought on “Parting Shots From USPS Postmaster

  1. If you look up “no-win situation” in the dictionary, you’ll find Postmaster Pat Donahue’s picture. Of 297 bills passed by Congress in 2014, 23 of them were to rename Post Offices. None addressed the long sought after Postal Reform. I give the Postmaster credit for accepting the leadership of the US Postal Service in the midst of extraordinary turmoil and change. Leaders–especially those who challenge the status quo–as Donahue did, will always generate the most attention and take the greatest drubbing.

    Mike Tyson, the prize-fighter once noted, “everyone’s got a plan, until they get punched in the nose.” Donahue took more than a few hits while trying plan for the Postal Services’ uncertain future. As an observer of “official” Washington for several decades, the tradition of “taking a parting shot”, is now unfortunately de rigueur for retiring bureaucrats and Cabinet officials. In this case, we can be grateful Pat Donahue upon his retirement took this moment to remind, printers, mailers, unions, Congress and the American people what’s at stake.

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