Let’s Play Two

This past week, baseball lost another legend — Mr. Ernie Banks, a.k.a. Mr Cub.

He was in his prime in the 1950’s and into the early 60’s.  In those days, we didn’t have the 24/7 media connection we have today.  You followed your local heroes and occasionally read about the “other” stars in the newspaper and magazines.  Yet, for many of us kids growing up in those days, Ernie Banks was synonymous with the Chicago Cubs. Mickey Mantle was the Yankees.  Boog Powell was the Orioles and Stan the Man represented the Cardinals.  And of course for us Dodger fans, we had the Duke and an up and coming southpaw called Koufax.

Yup different days.  But the game is still played between the lines and every team has a chance in March. The smell of fresh cut grass; the crack of the fungo; and the snap of a catcher’s glove when the ball strikes hasn’t changed.  That’s what makes baseball such a great game.  So, let’s play two!



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