To Regulate or Not to Regulate

OK, I’ll admit at first I wasn’t too excited about this topic of Net Neutrality.  I liked things the way they were.  Limited regulations and free enterprise. Good things I thought, but then I started to do a bit of reading and talking to my son.   James grew up (professionally) during the dot com days of Silicon Valley and makes his living in that world. He is a proponent for net neutrality and was upset with the folks in Congress who “didn’t get it.”

I also started paying attention to my rising telecomm costs at my office and at home.  I also noted that there were more and more mergers in the world of telecommunications and less and less competitors.  Hmmm.

Although I’m not one for regulations, I think I concur with the FCC on this issue.  Utilities (or services which are utilized by the vast majority of our country — and dominated by a handful of companies) need to be regulated.  Otherwise, it’s my observation, that the smaller companies and folks who don’t have the deep pockets get forced out of the markets.  Talk to the young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and you’ll see that they support net neutrality – because they want availability to the opportunities that a regulated system could provide.  The companies who are beginning to dominate the channels want to dictate the terms of access – and they speak about open markets and efficiencies.  But is this best for us?  Is this best for creating new markets and allowing the world of communications to grow?  Is this good for small business?

Congress is going to become involved in this and it behooves everyone in our industry – who utilize these pipelines of information every day – to contact their legislator and speak up.  I for one think that net neutrality is good for business.


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