Just Around The Corner

Spring training is now in full swing, which means that the Boys of Summer will soon be playing in earnest.  Yet, I feel like Punxsutawney Phil, who just saw his shadow. Is spring ever going to show up?

I’m looking out my window at about 4″ of snow overlaying ice.  Granted this is not unusual for North Texas, but for the last three weeks we’ve had more freezing weather than we deserve.  Send it to Buffalo.  Send it to Chicago. They’re used to it and they’re lacking baseball teams.  Although in fairness to Cub fans, there actually may be glimmers of hope in ’15.

So, let’s get the season started.  It’s the time of year when everyone is excited about their team and there are dreams of a season lasting until October.  Play ball!


One thought on “Just Around The Corner

  1. Sports-related printing has been getting very creative and profitable. In D.C., the Nationals have for a few years now been providing free small programs to all fans who enter the gate. It is paid for by advertising, which there is a lot of. The idea came from a fan who suggested that the team give out scorecards which was done when the Senators were in town. Those old scorecards had one or two ads on them. Today’s programs are unique to each home-stand, include player profiles/interviews, home and opposing team statistics, local ads/coupons, base-ball cards, etc. It is usually a good read.

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