We Hate Business Cards!

Over my career in our great industry, which now spans four decades, one of the products most often treated by disdain by every printer was business cards.  Your prices were always too high and the cards never came out the way the customer envisioned.  Lord forbid if you screwed them up — because if you couldn’t be trusted with a “simple” business card, how could you be trusted with our company’s collateral?

Yet, VistaPrint and other print providers (Printplace.com, Staples, Office Depot, FedEx) have used this and many other “non-sexy” printed products to create a whole new sector of print providers.  Cimpress (VistaPrints parent company) is taking this success to another whole level.  As a recent online article in Printing Impressions stated, they are focused on serving “the marketing needs of the small, micro businesses and consumers who want to boast collateral that reaches the professional level of Corporate America.”

Check out this article to see what Cimpress (VistaPrints parent) is up to. Interesting reading.


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