Happy Birthday John Wayne

Yup.  Today is the Duke’s birthday.  For many of us, he was the persona of the American individual.  Rough. Rugged. Independent.  The roles he played in movies such as “The Quiet Man,” “The Searchers,” “True Grit,” were reflective of our parent’s generation – and influenced many Baby Boomers.  Do your job.  Support your family.  Live your life for the greater good.  Granted seen through the lens of time, many of his films may not be perceived as politically correct, but it reflects the world as many lived it in that era.

Contrast those aspects with today’s need to broadcast to the world what I had for lunch and the need for everyone to be on the cover of “Rolling Stone,” as well as the mandate for political correctness.  Yes, I’m started to sound like a dinosaur, but there are many aspects of what I remember of The Duke’s films and what he represented which many in our society could reflect upon.  Happy Birthday Marion Morrison!


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