First Post of Summer

I have been remiss in posting regularly. Whatever.

I have broken the #1 rule of a blogger — you need to post regularly.  So have me flogged.  BUT, I’m also a believer that I’m not going to post, just to post.  I thought about posting when the Supreme Court was reviewing the Gay Marriage issue – but most folks really don’t care what I think about that topic.  I considered writing when the Cowboys (Dallas football team for you un-washed) signed Greg Hardy and drafted Randy Gregory, but the ESPN folks have plenty to say in that area.  I had more thoughts about the recent shooting in Garland at the “cartoonist” event, while I applaud the officer (nice shooting), the concept of holding that type of event leaves me wondering about some folks, but again, I’ll leave the pundits on Fox and CNN to kick that one around.  Weather has been an issue in North Texas, but when hasn’t it been one?

So what got me to post?

The Rangers have a winning record!!!! Yipee!!!


One thought on “First Post of Summer

  1. Joe…there is always the Chicago Blackhawks and their run for the CUP! I bring this up as many of our Chicago speciality printers are doing some great promotional stuff…We (GLGA Illinois) hosted a large format event at FujiFilm last night and their promo was a beautiful cutout to size of Patrick Kane! Just many opportunities to provide some great printed take aways!

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