Bucket List

As we get older we start formulating a list of “to-do’s” that we’d like to accomplish before we go to the Big Print Shop In The Sky.  For many in the industry, it’s attending DRUPA in Germany.  I still want to get to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.  This past week, thanks to a few words from my friend Jim Kyger, I got a chance to see a complete copy of the Gutenberg bible and added – and completed – another item to my bucket list.

I had previously viewed the “paper version” of the Bible at the University of Texas’ Harry Ransom Center, but viewing one of five copies in the world printed on vellum was special.  Especially when one considers the legacy of this document and the impact it had on history (The Reformation being one).  Although my visit was a “drive-by” (I was headed to Senator John Cornyn’s office as I trekked from the Longworth Building), in those few minutes I also got a chance to be amazed by the architecture of the Library of Congress, where the Bible resides.

So, if you’re ever visiting Washington D.C. (or Austin), take a look at this magnificent piece and what it represents.  Not only does it embody the roots of our industry, it reminds us of how mass communication can change the world.  If you don’t have the time to visit D.C. or Austin, consider visiting this site.  In the “Harvest of Wisdom,” you’ll receive a historical perspective of the power of written communication and the role our industry continues to play.  You also might just add a few items to your list once you’ve seen this seminal piece by the late Nolan Moore.


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