What Now?

That’s a question I’m getting frequently since I announced my retirement.  That’s a great question.

Like so many who have been involved in a career which was enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding, thoughts of riding off into the sunset weren’t ever in view. All of a sudden, here I am at a precipice. And I’m beginning to realize that it’s a view that thousands of Baby Boomers are facing every day.

The monetary questions begin.  The health issues become more of concern.  And for many of us the question which is of utmost importance – what are you going to do with your spare time?

Yes, I’ve spoken to all my retired siblings and friends, and they say don’t worry, you’re going to enjoy the time and you’ll be busier than ever.  Yet, the question for me is — doing what?

I’m not a gardener; nor woodworker; golf is OK, but not a regular diet of it; no grandkids (no regrets – our kids are happy); and I’m still physically active (biking, martial arts, and yoga!), but the body doesn’t respond like a 40-year-old anymore.  Or for that matter a 50-year-old!

Yet, the fog is beginning to lift.  As one friend said, now’s the time to make time for the things you wanted to do when you were working – but couldn’t.  More time with Liz; travel a bit more – nothing exotic – but take time to enjoy rather than rushing back to work; spend more time with family members who are scattered throughout the West; and oh yeah, there’s still going to be some “work” involved. Like a druggie, I’m too hooked to leave cold turkey, but it’s going to be at my pace and choosing.

So what am I going to do? Same ‘ol stuff; just at a different pace.


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