I hate losing, and yesterday’s Texas Ranger game doesn’t sit well.  If you’ve played enough competitive sports (and isn’t business a competitive sport?), you’re going to lose.  Heck, a baseball team that wins a 100 games in a season, which is considered exceptional, is only winning 61% of the time.  So, not winning everything is part of life.  I get it.

But three errors in one inning, which then created an opportunity for Joey Bats to clear the bases, is pitiful.  Losing to a team (a competitor) who plays better than you — I’m good with it.  But shooting yourself (hmmm not a bad idea for a certain shortstop) in the foot, that just leaves a bad taste.

So, I’m going to go cry in my beer.  A nice Ballast Point Sculpin IPA.  That should make me feel better – at least until tonight’s game with the Dodgers and Mets.  Did I mention that I hate anything New York?


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