It’s 2016!

Happy 2016!  Hoping everyone’s New Year has started well.  As many know, it’s a different world for me as I am now “retired,” whatever that means.  Regardless, my “Cup” will continue to overflow with various thoughts and ideas on print and “stuff” since I’m not really going to disappear.  More to come later.

The last few months have been pretty hectic and I realized earlier this week that I hadn’t posted in weeks.  So, I’ll start 2016 with one of my favorites – Affordable Health Care (what an oxymoron).

The Republicans were able to get a bill repealing the AHC out of the Senate, and the House quickly (along party lines) passed the bill, but of course it will be vetoed by the President and that’s going to be it.  For now.

As many of us who’ve followed this debacle for years understand, this whole move was about politics – the potential to truly overturn AHC in 2017 (assuming there’s a Republican in the Presidential Office) is really going to be difficult, if not impossible due to all the businesses which will be affected (HEALTH CARE!).  What I really want to hear over the next few months from the Republicans will be what they propose to “replace” AHC. It just can’t be more of “we don’t like it.”

Ah, 2016 was going so good until yesterday (anyone want to talk about the stock market?)


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