Ever The Contrarian

I was reading a recent Dr. Joe Webb economic update – with heavy focus on unemployment numbers along with solid observations about industry trends.  If you enjoy wonky economic stuff, read this article on whattheythink.com – it’s good stuff.

On another note, ever-contrarian Webb had comments on the Paper & Packaging Board’s “How Life Unfolds” campaign.  Webb stated, “The most important way of increasing demand for a good or service is to be innovative in their application to the problems, wants, and needs of consumers and businesses. Campaigns strictly designed to make purveyors of those goods and services happy does not make the goods or services they offer relevant.

If you believe that there is unfounded marketplace sentiment against your product, you need to get into the trenches in direct combat and recruit like-minded allies on an incident-by-incident basis.”

Although I think the campaign “may” have some value, I have some concerns as to how relevant it is to our industry (Print Producers).  The $30 million a year which will be spent by the Paper & Packaging Board, will more than likely not shift the needle of print consumption a fraction.  It’s got be done in the trenches – and that where I totally agree with the aforementioned Joe.


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