Nano What?

Benny Landa is getting ready to roll out THE press, but is it for real this time?  At the last DRUPA, there was a lot of buzz about nanotechnology and Landa’s new print solution, but as was discovered, the technology wasn’t ready for implementation.  Now we’re hearing about a 13,000 per hour sheetfed device (28×40) that will be introduced at DRUPA. Interesting stuff – but the question still remains will it make you money?

I don’t doubt that it’s wonderful technology – Landa’s pedigree says it all.  Yet, I contend that today’s print provider must have a strategic plan which points to the markets and customers he/she serves – not the technology used.  Markets and products will dictate technology.

Pre-2008 mainstream technology was offset lithography and improvements were about efficiencies and output.  With digital print (I’ll lump Landa in that group along with inkjet), it’s totally different.  Not only are we talking different pricing models between vendors, but we’re talking different ink technologies and quality levels, as well as software solutions.  In retrospect making a decision on an offset press was a piece of cake.

Which brings me back to the strategic plan.   Not only do we need to know what our customers are needing (today and tomorrow), but we have to assure ourselves that the ROI on technology acquisition is in serious double digits. Technology, along with customer needs/solutions, don’t remain static. Without investment payback measured in a handful of years rather than a decade, a company can be at serious risk on technology decisions.

So, if you’re going to Germany this summer, maybe you need to inoculate yourself with some strategic planning before making that trip overseas.


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