Spring Opener

It’s the second week of the season, and the news in North Texas isn’t about baseball, but about baseball-sized hail.  That will get you talking.

For the second time this year, Mother Nature has shown off her power by blasting Collin County with hail storms.  Damage is estimated to be nearly a billion dollars in personal property damage from these two storms – and we’re only in April!

The first storm saw ping-pong size hail pelting our house and neighborhood.  This past Saturday I woke up to the sound of nail-guns pounding out a syncopated rhythm of beats and drowning out the chirps of our spring song birds.  Roofer signs have popped up faster than spring weeds around the neighborhood.

Yesterday evening the severe weather sirens going off had us really concerned.  Looking north we saw the reason as the sky was darkening.  Within 10 minutes, gusts of up to 70mph and hail had us moving furniture, as our living room skylight had taken on serious damage from the first storm, and we weren’t too sure whether it would survive this one. Fortunately, it did and the insurance adjustor I’m meeting with today won’t have to deal with a rain-soaked interior to discuss.

In the big picture, we were lucky – but that’s not true for many of our neighbors to the north. The heart of yesterday’s storm hit cities to the north of us and made national television this morning. The good news is that no one has been seriously hurt from these storms.  Although the insurance companies may want to disagree.


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