Anyone who grew up in North Texas, or like many of us who migrated in the ’70s or ’80s, got a chance to read one of the best sports journalist in the U.S. — Blackie Sherrod. Blackie left us for the big pressroom in the sky this past week, but his writing and pointed wit will be forever remembered in this day of 160 character texts and 140 letter tweets.

When I first moved to Texas, I wasn’t too sure about Sherrod and his style.  Not that I didn’t care for it — but I was coming from Los Angeles,and there was a superb, nay outstanding, sportswriter showing his ability to craft words and wit which was similar in style to Blackie’s.  It was the late, great Jim Murray, who was honored with a Pulitzer in 1990.  So, my standards had been set pretty high.

Yet, as I read Sherrod over the years, I learned to appreciate his writing and his commentary about sports and the world.  He was a great one, and in this world of over-grown personalities, I hope to see future sports journalists who can craft a sentence and make a point like Blackie.  I’m looking forward to it.


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