Right Hook

OK, now that the suspensions were handed out, it’s time to weigh into the Odor/Batista “incident.”  As much as I don’t believe the right hook (as good as it was) was probably the “answer” to the Joey Bats issue for the Rangers, it reminds us how much emotions make up what many consider a boring game.

The whole incident was reminiscent of some of the “old-school” baseball that I grew up watching.  You crowded the plate – and you got a 90 mph missile at your head.  Slides into second base which precluded the “incident” were the norm – they didn’t end up in fines and suspensions.  With today’s “investments” in players and the dollars involved with careers, MLB is much more concerned about safety than in the past.

Yet, we can’t forget that as in the past, many players play for the love and excitement of the game.  This is where I give Roogie (Odor) a pass.  He’s an excitable, passionate, young man – and that’s all right by me.  He has talent and if he’s able to steer that passion in the right way, he could very well be a real gem for the Rangers.  He has a pretty good mentor sitting at third base (Beltre), who could be very good for him. So, I give him a pass on this “incident,” and look forward to the next time the Rangers play Toronto (playoffs?).  It could be interesting.



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